What is Northwest Fan Fest?

Northwest Fan Fest is a celebration of fandom; a summer convention in the Metro Vancouver area of Canada, supported by the West Coast Fan Society.

Fans of all stripes are encouraged to come out and share the content they love with others.

  • Participate in contests and see shows by talented local and non-local musicians, comedians, and other kinds of performers!
  • Play games (we don’t discriminate between tabletop, CCG, board games or video games!)
  • Dress up (costume, cosplay, and alternative fashion of all kinds are welcome!)

Community is core to Northwest Fan Fest, and there will be plenty of opportunities to meet the people who make fandom such a rich hobby.

  • Meet other fans of your favourite shows, movies, games as you get involved in discussion panels and hands-on workshops to really dig into your fandom!
  • Meet artists and vendors, and have the opportunity to purchase unique work you’d never find, all in the same space!
  • Meet the creators; special guests who make the comics, anime, video games, and more!


The first Northwest Fan Fest was held in June 2014 and was a fusion of Anime Evolution, Cos & Effect, and Vancouver Gaming Expo. After seeing the success of the event, the organizers agreed it had taken on a life of its own and should continue.

Today NWFF is one of the West Coast’s largest and most affordable all-encompassing fandom events, and is made possible through collaboration between different conventions and societies and a team of passionate volunteers, as well as the support of the City of New Westminster.

For any other questions you may have, please visit our FAQ or contact us.