General FAQ


Q) What is Northwest Fan Fest?

A) Northwest Fan Fest is a celebration of fandom; a summer convention in the Metro Vancouver area of Canada, supported by the West Coast Fan Society.

Q) Who is making Northwest Fan Fest?

A) Northwest Fan Fest 2016 is organized by the West Coast Fan Society, a Non-Profit Organization formed to further the communication and collaboration between local fandom groups. Our team consists of professionals from a variety of fields including Design, Marketing, Event Planning, Security, Logistics and more, but most importantly we’re all very much into geek culture. We have quite a bit of support from the community and while technically we are “running” the event, it is the participation of the community that “makes” it.

Q) When and where will Northwest Fan Fest be held?

A) Northwest Fan Fest will be taking place July 8-10, 2016 in downtown New Westminster, British Columbia, including the Anvil Centre convention space.

Q) Why did you guys move from UBC to New Westminster?

A) There were a number of reasons, but here are the big ones.

  • To make it easier for our fans to get to. UBC is a long journey, especially for attendees who live outside of the City of Vancouver, and we wanted to make it more accessible for people who may have trouble with the UBC’s overcrowded buses. Moving to Anvil Centre means it’s just a 1-block walk from New Westminster Skytrain Station, and a 30-min SkyTrain ride from Downtown Vancouver!
  • To improve the selection of hotels and amenities for fans. Being in the heart of downtown New Westminster (and in the geographic centre of Metro Vancouver) means Anvil Centre has easy access to many food options and beautiful photo locations at the Quay, with Pier Park just across the street.
  • To avoid the disruption from UBC’s construction during 2015. To host NWFF at UBC would be impossible with only the Student Union Building, and the construction wasn’t going to make for an ideal festival experience. Though the new building is pretty (we toured the site in Summer 2014), it is too small and lacks access control. Thanks to Anvil’s better access control we can plan a safer convention 4 months earlier, even though the space is tighter.
  • For a change of scenery. We’re pleased to be taking Northwest Fan Fest in a direction, in no way competing with any other convention in town, and promoting inclusiveness for the whole community. We’re so excited to be a part of New Westminster’s growing arts and culture scene, and in a stunning building. Most of all, we look forward to meeting more fans from Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and beyond. We know you’re out there, so come on out!

Q) How much will it cost to attend?

A) General attendance for all three days will be free, however there are several sponsorship and VIP tiers available to help support the convention and to keep it free.  As well, certain tournaments may have entry fees.

Q) Will passes be wristbands or badges?

A) For 2016, badges will be available for purchase through various membership options.  We will also have commemorative wrist bands at our merchandise booth.  Neither will be required for general entry to the convention.

Q) So does this convention focuses on anime, cosplay and gaming?

A) Northwest Fan Fest is not limited to those three fandoms; our goal is to celebrate all kinds of fandoms!

Q) What kind of guests will be invited?

A) We will be trying to bring in a mixture of special guests for all kinds of fandoms and interests.

Q) How can I become a Volunteer?

A) Glad to hear you want to help! Applications to become a volunteer will be open soon.

Q) Will the convention have its own dedicated security team? Or will it just be venue supplied security?

A) Both.  In addition to on-site security provided by our venue, many members of our volunteer team are certified security staff.

Q) How do I submit panels and events I want to run?

A) We’d love to take a look at your proposals!  Submission forms will be up soon.

Q) Who do I contact about being a Vendor or in Artist Alley? 

A) This year, vendors and artists will be in the same area as a part of the Saturday street festival.  Exhibitor information will be posted soon!

Got other questions? You can reach out to us through our the dedicated Northwest Fan Fest feeds: