Northwest Fan Fest is proud to welcome a diverse and exciting range of vendors to our vendor hall. This year, we are located at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster.

We welcome applications from all vendors. Please read the entire page and then fill out the form and email the form to to apply. Form can be downloaded here: NWFF 2015 Vendor application

PLEASE NOTE:  Vendor hall is now full.  You can apply for the wait list, but it is unlikely that any tables will open up.  Thanks. 


Vendor Hall Hours:

Friday, May 29 – Setup 9 am-11 am;  open 11 am – 7 pm
Saturday, May 30 – Setup 9-10 am; open 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday, May 31 – Setup 9-10 am;  open 10 am – 6 pm



Q. Where will the vendor areas be located?

A. The main vendor’s hall is on the main floor of the Anvil Centre right by the entrance.

Q. If I have questions about vendor opportunities or vending at NWFF, whom should I ask?

A. If you have questions, it is currently best to send an email to, and you will receive an answer from the vendor coordinators, usually in less than 2 days, but possibly longer if we’re very busy.

Q. May I pick my exact vendor space?

A. You may select a preference, but there are no guarantees or promises regarding final vendor placement. We will try to match preferences as close as we can, but people may need to be shuffled depending on needs or last minute changes to the floorplan, so we can’t promise your exact requested placement.

Q. If I have a suggestion for a vendor I’d like to see, what should I do?

A. Send an email to with the details of who the vendor is, how to contact them and what kind of products they sell, and the vendor team will take it from there.

Q. What are the load-in & load-out times?

A.  Load-in will take place on Thursday (time TBD) with additional time on Friday morning (9am-11am).  Load-out will take place Sunday from 6pm-11pm.

Q.  Are their other vendor opportunities this year outside of the Vendor Hall?

A.  Why yes there are, thanks for asking!  We are introducing night vendors this year with different themes on each night.  Friday will be fan tables, industry, and sponsors.  Saturday will be “Artists After Dark” (different artists, one night only).  Sunday will be the “Nerd Flea Market” (individuals only, no businesses).

 Q. How long does it take to get an answer as to whether I’ve got a vendor’s booth or not?

A. You should know within a week if you have been approved for your booth request. Please be sure to check your spam filters if you are waiting for a response.

Q. How do I pay for my booth?

A. When your request is approved, you will be given the payment information and option to pay via cheque, PayPal, electronic money transfer, or money order.

Q. What kind of security is there overnight for vendors?

A. The Vendors Hall this year is located in a lockable space. At night, the area will be secured and no one will be permitted in or out. There will also additionally be an outer fenced area, as the artist alley will be located in the space outside of the Vendors Hall.

Q. What is parking/loading going to be like?

A. Anvil Centre has ample underground parking and elevators to assist in loading up into the space. We will be having a Thursday load in for those who need it.

Q. Where do I apply?

A.  Download the Vendor application (a fillable PDF) here: NWFF 2015 Vendor Application.  If you do not know how to digitally sign a PDF, please watch this video. You may also fill the form out by hand, scan it in, and send us the scan. When you have completed the PDF form, use the “SAVE AS” command, and save it as “Yourbusiness-vendor application”. Email the completed form to


NWFF 2015 Vendor Application

(Right-click link above and select “save as” to download application.)

This FAQ will be updated as required.