Geekenders is a Vancouver theatre troupe celebrating alternative beauty and pop culture, producing Vegas-style nerdy spectaculars, plays, events, and dances.

Their shows, described as ‘geeky fun meets Moulin Rouge and the Muppet Show’ have drawn over 10,000 audience members in two years to shows ranging from a send-up of The Wizard of Oz to a cabaret-style show exploring the world of Doctor Who. The performers have entertained over 6,000 people just at their sold-out Star Wars shows (‘A Nude Hope’, ‘The Empire Strips Back’ and ‘Reveal of the Jedi’), shut down pop culture conventions with packed
houses, and changed the face of Vancouver’s theatrical community, making theatre and burlesque accessible to an entirely new demographic of people.

Well known for their irreverent parodies of pop culture staples such as Labyrinth and Batman, combining tongue-in-cheek humour, with body positivity, and playful sexuality, Geekenders also creates events for all ages, such as a time travel-themed sleep-away event for grownups and a full-length musical based on the Portal games.

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