Northwest Fan Fest will be host to the outstanding talents of West Coast Geeks vs Nerds! The crew will be holding an exclusive NWFF debate, as well as running a special “There Is No Easy Mode” video game trivia event! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll live-blog it from your smartphone!

Geeks and nerds are social creatures at heart, and we define ourselves through our passion for sharing our ideas and knowledge with others. West Coast Geeks vs Nerds offers a unique format for finding inspiration and laughter, meeting like-minded people, and having a great time out on the town!

Every month, fan-favourite pop culture icons are pitted against each other in a battle royale of wit, hilarity, and memorable one-liners. Fuel your geek wisdom and nerd rage as your favourite pop culture icons are debated! (www.WCGEEKSversusNERDS.com)

Check out their previous debates in podcast form here!

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