Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation will be screening a special “Pop Culture” themed playlist at Northwest Fan Fest, surely for mature audiences only!

The Sick and Twisted Festival began in 1990 as a home for animated pieces which are simply too revolting or adult in nature for the prestigious and tasteful Classic show. It’s the birthplace of Beavis and Butthead.  It also premiered several well known shorts, including Spirit of Christmas, the original uncensored South Park short by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Mutilator by Eric Fogel (creator of MTV’s Celebrity Death match), and Whoop Ass Stew by Craig McCracken, the first short film featuring the Powerpuff Girls.  Lest we forget Happy Tree Friends by Mondo Media!

Currently, Spike and Mike’s premieres a new Sick and Twisted show every summer at the San Diego Comic-Con in July and the subsequent Festival tour reaches about 100 cities annually in domestic and international markets.   Northwest Fan Fest is excited to be a part of this!