For the enjoyment of Northwest Fan Fest attendees, Geekenders presents:

Portal 2: The (Unauthorized) Musical
A Black Comedy about Science, Family, and Space


In the distant future, in a far off laboratory standing silent and long abandoned, we meet Chell. She has been asleep for a long time. When she’s awoken by a chatty, British, blue-eyed robot, she finds herself in a facility that is overgrown and falling apart. Together, the two attempt an escape, inadvertently stirring…. something.

Aperture is back.

For science.

You monster.

Featuring a cast of fourteen of Geekenders’ favourite performers, the theatre troupe called a “cult sensation” by Vancity Buzz is pulling out all the stops to ensure a joyful, memorable night for geeks of all types as they present a concert version of their smash-hit musical.

Erin Mudry as Chell
Fairlith Harvey as GLaDOS/Caroline
Graeme Thompson as Wheatley
Rael Linford as Cave Johnson
Andrew Lynch as The Fact Core
Stephen Blakley as The Adventure Core
Beni Spieler as The Space Core

Chris Nyarady (of West Coast Geeks Vs. Nerds),
Alisha Leveque,
Lisa Simon,
Alison Jenkins,
Nick Drake

Patrick Courtin on keyboard