It’s back! The Gauntlet is returning for 2015.

This multi-genre multi-game competition will span the entire weekend, from our opening round (to be announced) to the super-secret final round during the Closing Ceremonies.

The winner will take home a mystery box with over $500 worth of prizes, have the glory of being better than the rest, and have his or her name on the epic “Trophy of Power“.

To sign up: you must attend Round #1 on Friday (details TBA). 

The Gauntlet gaming tournament was created in early 2010 by Gregory Neher, and produced in collaboration with Anime Evolution and Gamedeals Video Games. The goal was to make a gaming tournament so open ended and versatile that it would appeal to both casual gamers and hard core gamers, without any player holding too much advantage over any others. The solution of spanning all types of genres through multiple rounds was partially inspired by the PAX Omegathon (a similar tournament), and Robert Khoo himself (the current chair of PAX) officially provided his blessing on the event. 
The first Gauntlet was run August 13-15 at Anime Evolution 2010, and yielded the first King of Games champion: Imran Ismail, who hoisted the golden power glove high above his head in triumph!  The Gauntlet returned in 2014 at Northwest Fan Fest and will continue to be a Northwest Fan Fest event for 2015.

(2010 Final Round)
Will YOU be the next person to have their name inscribed upon the Trophy of Power? 
The Gauntlet gaming tournament has no relation to Clint Eastwood’s “The Gauntlet” movie, the video game Gauntlet, the University of Calgary newspaper “The Gauntlet”, or Rooster Teeth’s reality show “The Gauntlet”.