Registration Terms and Policies


These policies may be updated without notice. Be sure to check this page periodically for any updates.

Last Modified: Mar. 13th, 2016

Required Documents

General attendees do not need to be registered.  For those interested in memberships or VIP badges, registration can be carried out upon your arrival at the convention. Or, speed up your badge pick up by registering in advance!

Attendees must show at least one piece of government-issued identification with a photo when claiming their badges.  The following ID is acceptable for claiming a convention badge:

  • Driver’€™s license
  • BC Identity Card
  • Citizenship card
  • Passport
  • Any photo ID (work ID, etc) with another ID that shows your birthdate (Care Card, birth certificate)
  • GO Card

Note:  If an attendee does not have any identification, they will not be able to pick up a pre-registered badge.


Accepted forms of payment are as follows:

Electronic: PayPal
In-person/At the door: Cash, Visa, Mastercard


Confirmation notices are immediately sent out if you pre-register online. For those that are pre-registering in person, you are registered and just need to show ID at the event to claim your pass, email will be sent out once they are entered into the system (usually within a few days).

Please ensure that you check your spam or junk mail bin, as your confirmation may be placed there or may have been caught by a spam filter. Please allow time for your confirmation to arrive. Every effort will be made to ensure that no registration is missed, but Northwest Fan Fest does not take responsibility for missing, late, or misdirected registrations.


What should I bring with me when I go pick up my membership/VIP badge?
Photo ID is REQUIRED in order to pick up your badge. Please see the above section on ID for what is acceptable.

I lost my badge at the convention. Can I get a new one?
Yes, you can get a replacement badge from Registration, however you will be charged the full cost of a badge bought at the convention.


Photo Release Policy

By taking photos or recording video/audio at our event, you grant us the non-exclusive permission to use any/all recordings solely for promotional purposes, including but not limited to: social media, posters, flyers, promotional videos, website posts, etc.

Additionally, by attending the event you agree to your name, image, likeness, and video/audio recordings of you being posted publicly and/or used for our aforementioned promotional purposes.

Conduct and Harassment Policy

By registering to this event, you agree to read and abide by our Conduct and Harassment Policy, which can be found HERE.

Prop Rules

  1. If you’re bringing a replica gun, make sure it has a bright neon tip.
  2. Do not bring real weapons. No exceptions.
  3. Non-plugged / fireable BB guns, pellet guns, spring guns and air soft guns are considered real weapons.
  4. Do not bring metal swords. (If you buy one, remove it from the convention grounds immediately.)
  5. Using metal in props is ok, but avoid sharp or pointy ends.
  6. Hitting or firing projectiles at others with props or will result in your pass being revoked, and possible charges for assault.
  7. All bow and arrow-style and crossbow-style props must be unstringed or otherwise unfireable.

General Information

When can I email the treasurer?
Anything and everything that has to do with registration needs to go through the Registration department. If you email the treasurer about a registration issue it takes twice as long to be answered. We can be contacted at

If I send you an email when can I expect a reply?
If it’s a basic question you can usually expect a reply within 2 days, but please remember that staff members have other obligations outside of NWFF and it can sometimes take longer.

Do I have to use my real name when I purchase a membership or VIP pass?
Yes, Northwest Fan Fest requires a complete full legal name when registering. Otherwise we won’t know who to give your badge to.

I pre-registered for Northwest Fan Fest but haven’€™t paid yet. What happens?
To receive your membership or VIP packages, you must submit the payment by the deadline date.

I missed the deadline!
If you have missed your deadline cut-off you are required to pay the next tier pricing. Failure to submit the payment can result in you having to pay the at-convention price and/or becoming unregistered. Please email registration directly with any questions or concerns.