Northwest Fan Fest is pleased to bring you another year of awesome analog gaming, including a large selection Board games, Collectable Card Games (CCGs) and Tabletop RPGs.


Grab those dice and a character sheet! Northwest Fan Fest is proud to once again offer scheduled tabletop sessions of various systems and genres through all three days of the con.

We are currently accepting GM applications for those who would like to run games. If you would like to run a tabletop session please fill out the form here. If you have any questions about tabletop gaming at Northwest Fan Fest, please email Players will be able to sign up for sessions closer to the con through our online schedule.



Are you a Magic: The Gathering master? Are you looking to try your hand at a new game like Weiss Schwarz? Maybe you’re just looking for a friendly game of Pokémon? Northwest Fan Fest has you covered! This year we are offering many demos, play sessions, and tournaments for the CCGs you know, love, and would like to know better. Check out our lineup:

  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Weiss Shwarz
  • Pokémon
  • Netrunner



Borrow from our library of popular board games to play with friends throughout the weekend.  From Cards Against Humanity to Settlers of Catan, we’ve got a variety of games for all skill levels.  You’re also free to bring your own board game, and the Gaming Registration Desk can help you find players for your game or a game in need of players.