Calling all Panelists & Performers!


Are you a performer? Are you interested in hosting a panel or running content at NWFF 2015? 


Northwest Fan Fest is seeking talented geeky acts, performers, and musicians, as well as people interested in running panels in a variety of subjects and fandoms? Are you a Dr. Who expert? Crazy about Titans? Anime enthusiast? An expert cosplayer interested in giving a workshop? Survivalist interested in teaching about surviving the Zombie apocalypse? Maybe you’re interested in running a contest or tournament? We need ALL sorts of ideas and events to flesh out our schedule this year so we’re looking for passionate, dedicated individuals who’d like to run events at the convention. We are looking for all different sorts of events, all fandoms are welcome! All ideas will be considered! Be original!

If you would like to submit your act or panel idea, please go to our Panel application and fill out the form.

If you have an idea you’d like to see, or a panel you’d like to see run, make sure you fill out our pre-NWFF survey for things you want to see! Also, if you maybe don’t have an idea for a panel of your own, but would still like to help out, make sure you join our Volunteers!