The NWFF Volunteer Team

We’re looking for hardworking people with a positive attitude to join our volunteer team. If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to be a part of the team helping to make Northwest Fan Fest even more awesome, then read on.

Seeking more responsibility and have experience in event planning or other relevant skills? Get in touch and you might be a perfect fit to take on a key role in our organization!

Volunteer Benefits

Volunteers have the opportunity to build skills such as customer service, cash handling, and hospitality with a certified Non-Profit Organization (NPO).

Volunteering also gives you a chance to make an impact on the local fan community and meet people who could become new friends or business contacts. Volunteers can be considered for higher staff positions after they demonstrate their capability.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteer tasks at the convention include setup and take-down, registration (money handling), panel assistance, line management, security, guest relations, and more. We are also seeking volunteers to help with pre-event promotion.

Joining the Volunteer Team

Joining our team of volunteers is a simple 3-step process.

  1. Decide you want to help! Apply by filling out the Volunteer Form.
  2. Rock the interview. Interviews will be held at intervals depending on the amount of applications we get.
  3. Attend a training session to get certified as volunteer. General training will be held at intervals throughout the year for applicants who pass the interview process.

Proof of Volunteer Hours & Reference Letter

By request, a certificate stating your completed volunteer hours will be provided to you. This certificate can be picked up at the convention meeting following NWFF. Reference letters will only be provided at the discretion of the HR team for volunteers whom we feel have demonstrated exceptional performance during the convention.

Food & Drink

Food may be provided by us in limited quantities, but at this time is not guaranteed. Please make sure to pack something to eat and drink, or bring money to taste what the food vendors of Downtown New Westminster have to offer!